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How to transfer, share or send balance from ufone to ufone

You can send or transfer balance from you mobile or cell phone to your girlfriend or friends mobile of ufone in following easy steps.

How to Share:

Step 1: Dial *828*Recipient Number*Amount# e.g. *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#

Step 2: Customer will be prompted with: Reply with: 1 to transfer Rs. 10 to 0333xxxxxxx

                                                                     Other Details
Service Charges: Rs. 3.99 / transfer

Minimum Amount: Rs. 10.
Maximum Amount: Rs. 200.

If you want to share balance more than Rs. 200, then first you should share Rs. 200 and then the remaining amount.


 Note: The sender should have the required amount of money to send it to other ufone connection.

Ufone in a government based cellular company based in Pakistan. Ufone is becoming popular because of its ads on television which are filmed by Faisal Qureshi. Ufone started its work in Islamabad pakistan in 2001. Till the end of 2009 ufone had almost 22 million subscribers of mobile phone or cell phone sims.
Packages Of Ufone
  • Ufone Tension Free Package
  •    Super Ghanta Package
  •    Ufone Ghanta Package
  •    Ufone Life Plus
  •    60 Paisa Offer
  •    3 Minute Package
  •    UWon
  •    Paanch Ka Pandrah
  •    Public Demand
  •    U-Circle


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  2. This procedure is being converted to USSD command i'e *828*number*amount#

  3. No#u2uamount
    send 828
    eg 03321234567u2u50
    then send 828

  4. very good i am done.can you plz tell me how to send balance from warid ?

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  7. Dial *828*Recipient Number*Amount# e.g. *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#

    Step 2:

    Customer will be prompted with: Reply with: 1 to transfer Rs. 10 to 0333xxxxxxx

    1. 1 step ho jata hai but... jahan ata hai customers will be prompted with: reply with: 1 to transfer Rs. 10 to 0335×××××××× yahan sy ni hota k kya karna hai :(

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  10. Leave amount sharing;tell me about mints sharing from u2u;)

  11. Its not working . Am living in uk . I want to transfer my balance when i send . It says wrong path "WRONG PROFILE "

  12. how i am sent ufone free minutes sms & Mbs to other ufone number?


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