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Method Of Share Balance – Ufone Warid Telenor Mobilink Zong 

easy load How to Share Balance   Ufone Warid Telenor Mobilink Zong

Cellular companies of Pakistan offers balance share to its prepaid customers, now people can share their balance with each other, here is way how to share balance

How To Share Ufone Balance

Step 1: Write a new message.
Step 2: u2u
e.g: 0333*******u2u50
Step 3: Send to 828.
write amount after u2u, how much amount you want to share.

How To Share Warid Blance

Step 1: Go to Menu and choose Write Message.
Step 2: Key in B<Space><Prepaid Number><Space><Amount>  to 1414
B<space>warid Number<space>Amount.
SMS notification will be sent to sender and receiver of balance share. Following are the notification messages.
Sender Message: “Dear User, Account “92321XXXXXX” has been successfully topped up with Rs. XXXX, your new account balance is Rs. XXXX. REFID: 211230034312”
Receiver Message:“ Dear User, your account has been topped up with Rs.XXXX by account “0321XXXXXXX” Your new balance is Rs XXXX and your account validity is 2006/06/30. REFID: 211230034312”
*Sharing Amount from Rs10 – Rs1000.
Transfer amount from Rs 10 to Rs 50 Rs 2.5 + Tax
Above Rs 50 5% + Tax

How To Share Telenor Balance

To share an amount type the following code on the mobile phone screen and send: *1*1*9234XXXXXXXX*Amount#.
e.g. to share Rs. 100 with a Prepaid number 03451234567, type and send: *1*1*923451234567*100#
The transferred amount will be subjected to 4% deduction as the transaction fee.

How To Share JAZZ Mobilink Balance

All you have to do is type *100*Recipient’s mobile number with 92 prefix *Transfer Amount# and press ‘Send’ on your mobile screen and have fun sharing with this exciting new service. For example to transfer Rs. 200 to 0300-8361166 type:
  • 6% transaction charges apply
  • Customers can share balance between Rs 10 – Rs 200 per transaction

How To Share Zong Balance

Its very simple go to message type 03140000000.150 and send it to 999. you will receive a confirmation message which you need to reply with “Y” and your balance will be shared).
4% of the total amount transferred will be charged as service fee.


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